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Spiritual Healings

Spiritual healing can be traced as far back as ancient times and has always had its adherents. In recent years, it has gained widespread popularity in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. In recent years, most healthcare providers — religious or secular — have paid increased attention to the role of spirituality in healing. Psychic Cecelia has decades of experience with spiritual healing.

Many forms of spiritual healing exist: faith healing, intercessory prayer, reiki, therapeutic touch, psychic healing, Joheri healing, wart charming, etc. The common denominator is that healing ‘energy’ is channelled via the healer into the body of the patient. This ‘energy’ is supposed to enable the person’s body to heal itself. The term ‘energy’ needs to be put in inverted commas because it certainly is not energy as understood by scientists, but rather it has a spiritual or religious basis. All attempts to detect it have so far failed. Consulting Cecelia usually involves a short conversation about the nature of the problem. She then starts the healing ritual. Initially this can be diagnostic by nature.

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